Goodbye 2015: My Instagram Travel Summary

Traveling with MS was launched at the start of 2015 – Much appreciation and support from people on my launch and along the way with my social media platforms has certainly been very fruitful. 2015 has passed by very quickly and there is so much that has happened especially with my travels to exciting destinations… Read More »

Spasticity and Multiple Sclerosis

Spasticity is rightly defined as a feeling of stiffness and a wide range of involuntary muscle spasms. It is one of the more common symptoms of MS. It can vary from just being as mild as a feeling of tightness of muscles or so severe to be very painful, uncontrolled spasms, commonly on the legs.… Read More »

My Twitter Takeover for Charity Shift.MS

Most people with multiple sclerosis (MSers) are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40; a time when they’re making major life decisions. Diagnosis can force people to rethink their long-term plans. As a result, many people with MS feel isolated, both from their loved ones and the life they once knew. Reducing isolation in… Read More »

FastPass for Disability Travel via Air

Introduction to the Research With growing passenger volumes and pressures for secure identity control at the European Union’s borders, interest is growing in automating and harmonising border control processes. A research project entitled FastPass is developing solutions for this purpose. What is FastPass ? FastPass is a European Commission funded research and development project carried out by… Read More »

Interview Spotlight: Chérie King

We launch our new interview spotlight on Traveling with MS today. Our main aim for these interviews are to highlight inspirational people who while living with a disability have inspired so many people through the medium of travel. Todays Interview spotlight is with travel blogger Chérie King. ——————- Welcome Chérie on our first ever interview session –… Read More »

Ripple Hangout: Disability Travel

As a projecteer for the Ripple Movement, I got involved in speaking about my project (Sclerotic Footprints) and on Disability Travel on the Google Ripples Hangout – Accompanied with Cherie King (Talking Hands) and Dylan Lowe (Editor-in-chief at the Ripple Movement). The Ripples Hangout Both Cherie’s and my independent projects were entirely focused on one… Read More »

Traveling with MS joins The Ripple Movement

Great news as Traveling with MS joins The Ripple Movement as one of their projecteer that looks into a project called ‘Sclerotic Footprints’. The Ripple Movement The Ripple Movement is an upcoming travel media collaboration, aiming to use the power of travel blogging and storytelling to raise awareness about various social issues. The first edition of… Read More »