My Twitter Takeover for Charity Shift.MS

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Most people with multiple sclerosis (MSers) are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40; a time when they’re making major life decisions. Diagnosis can force people to rethink their long-term plans. As a result, many people with MS feel isolated, both from their loved ones and the life they once knew.

Reducing isolation in MSers is one of multiple sclerosis charity aim. Their website hosts a non-judgemental forum where the charity members can ask questions, rant and share experiences with people who understand. also has a very active Twitter community of MSers, who face the same issues as like the forum members.

Many MSers don’t talk on Twitter about their MS. This could be because they haven’t disclosed their conditions, or they don’t know anyone else with MS. Yet every day multiple sclerosis charity sees their followers being a rich source of information and potential peer support for MSers who feel isolated. wants to offer MSers the opportunity to talk – anonymously if they wish – to their thousand of followers. So, they have set up the ‘Twitter Takeover’ inspired by ‘rotation curation’. 

By turning an existing platform on its head, is giving MSers the opportunity to connect with their peers and reduce their feelings of isolation.

About Charity: Shift.MS


They are a positive, enabling community for people with multiple sclerosis (MS). They aim to empower MSers to acknowledge their MS, rethink how to achieve their ambitions and get on with their lives.

What do they do – 

Their aims and focuses are in three areas:

  • Reducing isolation an increasing social support for MSers
  • Helping MSers to acknowledge and actively manage their condition
  • Creating a self-sustaining community organisation, run by its members

Where did it all start for Shift.MS was launched in 2009 by George Pepper and his friends, following George’s diagnosis with MS at the age of 22. MS is the most commonly diagnosed neurological condition in people in their 20s and 30s in the UK. Despite this, George found it difficult to find other MSers if his age, even online. This frustration led him set up a website, where MSers could meet and share experiences. This later became

Today they have over 6000 members worldwide. They are a registered UK Charity and their registered charity number is 1117194.

A short video by called Gallop


So what is this Twitter Takeover?

Every weekend Multiple Sclerosis charity Shift.MS hands over their twitter account to members of their MS community. By ‘Members of their MS Community’ they mean: Shift.MS (2)

  • MSer
  • MS professionals, such as nurses, physios, neuros and carers
  • Family and friends of those with MS
  • People who work for MS charities
  • People who fundraise / campaign on behalf of MS

Its all about tweeting, being ourselves, connecting with new MSers, people supporting this good cause and finally to have fun.

Yes thats right, Traveling with MS for this coming weekend (28th Aug – 31st Aug) will be taking over the Twitter Takeover of charity Shift.MS twitter handle.

Join us and spread the word !!!


A special thank you goes out to the team at and especially to Hanya Gordon (Twitter Takeover Manager), Cassandra White (Community Co-ordinator) and Sarah Elwell for selecting Traveling with MS this weekend for their Twitter Takeover and sending across all images and write-up for this post.