Ripple Hangout: Disability Travel

As a projecteer for the Ripple Movement, I got involved in speaking about my project (Sclerotic Footprints) and on Disability Travel on the Google Ripples Hangout – Accompanied with Cherie King (Talking Hands) and Dylan Lowe (Editor-in-chief at the Ripple Movement).

The Ripples Hangout

Both Cherie’s and my independent projects were entirely focused on one common, often considered taboo subject: travelling with multiple forms of disability.

This episode of The Ripple Hangout will expose the personal journey of our two travellers with their respective disabilities: Multiple Sclerosis and Deafness.

This episode was aired on Friday 12 June 2015.

Featured Projecteers

Ábhishek BehlSclerotic Footprints
Cherie King – Talking Hands


Let us know what you feel about travelling with a disability ?