Goodbye 2015: My Instagram Travel Summary

Traveling with MS was launched at the start of 2015 – Much appreciation and support from people on my launch and along the way with my social media platforms has certainly been very fruitful.

2015 has passed by very quickly and there is so much that has happened especially with my travels to exciting destinations around the world. Along with these travels, I have always monitored my health and seeing everything is well and able to take these journeys. The best way to end this year was with a summary of all my Instagram pictures of my travels.

March – April: India

Have been waiting for over 2 years to travel to India. 2013 was when I had my last MS episode and it was great to be with family and friends in 2015. A lot of eating, meeting friends and traveling to various parts of northern India.

Amristar was my next destination and this is where the beautiful golden temple exists.

Harmandir Sahib also known as Darbar Sahib and informally known to many around the world as the Golden Temple. It is the holiest Sikh gurudwara located in the city of Amritsar (Punjab). The city was founded in 1574 by the fourth Sikh guru – Guru Ram Das. The Harmandir Sahib was designed by the fifth guru – Guru Arjan who had the cornerstone laid by a Muslim sufi Saint (Sai Hazrat Mian Mir) in 1588. The holiest book in the Sikhism faith (Guru Granth Sahib) is always present in the gurudwara. It’s construction was mainly intended to build a place of worship for men and women from all walks of life. It is said that over 100,000 people visit the holy shrine daily for worship. The holy shrine is surrounded by water and called the Pool of the Nectar of immorality also translating to the meaning of the word Amritsar. A slight glimpse of fish in the pool. #WNIndia #TWMS

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May: Loch Lomond (Scotland)

Not as far to travel from where I am based here in Edinburgh but it was great to make a visit to Loch lomond. Ok, must confess that we went for our friends wedding but we did take out time to see the beautiful loch lomond and its surrounding area.

Loch lomond on a calm overcast day #scotland

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May: Exeter

Journeys have got me to Exeter and the cathedral square

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July: Gothenburg (Sweden)

My first time traveling to Sweden and Gothenburg had so much to offer. From its friendly people, amazing food to the various islands around the city – it was just a great destination to visit and will surely like to visit it again.

August: Rultand Waters (British Birdfair)

This month becomes very busy on my diary as it starts with the Edinburgh Festival which I am not going to put pictures up on my travel summary but yes, I did travel down to the Rutland waters for the British Birdwatching Fair – Great event.

Lost through the woods | Great walking pathways at the Rutland waters – British Birdwatching Fair (Aug 15)

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Enrouting London every Month since May

I have been traveling to London almost every month since May for business meetings. This I don’t count as my travels but yes, It does get me tired and health is somthing which I do take as high priority. A capture of London and the Shard while about to land.

London city and the shard covered in a blanket of clouds #inair #BBCTravel

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November: Geneva (Switzerland)

This destination is very fresh in my mind and will always be – One of the best hidden jewels and certainly will like to visit it again. Geneva was a friendly destination with some amazing food, delicious chocolates, out of this world cheese and the local wine was just outstanding. Geneva truely was a great destination to close my years travel.


Geneva looks stunning in preparation for the festive season #VisitGeneva

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I plan to travel more in 2016. A short brief of my travels this coming 3 months will be

  • India
  • Nepal
  • Germany
  • Scotland
  • England
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • New York

and the rest will follow. I plan to post more on my blog this coming year.

Lets connect on my Instagram account and wishing everyone a happy, healthy and successful 2016.