Spasticity and Multiple Sclerosis

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Spasticity is rightly defined as a feeling of stiffness and a wide range of involuntary muscle spasms. It is one of the more common symptoms of MS. It can vary from just being as mild as a feeling of tightness of muscles or so severe to be very painful, uncontrolled spasms, commonly on the legs. It produces feelings of pain and tightness in and around joints.

I live with mild spasticity and manage it well till now –  thought why not write about it and share it via this post.

Living with Multiple Sclerosis can be tiring and every person going through this disease experiences tiredness in a different way. Some medical conditions remain the same like pins and needles, be it in your arms or legs. I undergo spasticity on both my legs with severe nerve pains and continuous pins and needles. There are ways to manage spasticity. I am on medication for my nerve pains but i try to manage my spasticity in other simple ways.

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My simple ways to juggle and manage spasticity:  

Head to the Gym / Exercise: 

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Yes, this certainly helps and it maintains the flow of blood to the body and keeps my troubles away. I have been going to the gym almost everyday now and slowly I have started seeing the difference. You don’t have to pump iron all the time to remove spasticity – simple balancing and stretching exercises help. Walking on a straight line with weights on either side work wonders. Walk on the treadmill, the cross country trainer, pilates / rowing machines and always start low and slowly build yourself up to the high levels but never overdo it. Get the blood circulation flowing in your body. My main aim is to have muscles in my body which can fight a relapse in the future. If my body is weak and I get a relapse, my troubles would just worsen.

Stress free approach to life:

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Not as easy as it sounds but yes, living a stress free life can be calmer to your body and mind. Again it turns around in having a positive attitude to your everyday life. There are daily tasks to achieve and once completed you start making this into a daily practice. Meditation with good breathing exercises helps me to overcome stressful situations.

I am showcasing a video from the MS charity National MS Society featuring: Dr. Stephen Krieger, Dr. Aliza Ben-Zacharia, and Dr. Susan Bennett (Spasticity and MS: Management Strategies) where people discuss Spasticity and MS: ways to manage and how it can make their lives better.



Do you know anyone living with spasticity and if so, in what ways do they manage their symptoms?

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