FastPass for Disability Travel via Air

Introduction to the Research With growing passenger volumes and pressures for secure identity control at the European Union’s borders, interest is growing in automating and harmonising border control processes. A research project entitled FastPass is developing solutions for this purpose. What is FastPass ? FastPass is a European Commission funded research and development project carried out by […]

Ripple Hangout: Disability Travel

As a projecteer for the Ripple Movement, I got involved in speaking about my project (Sclerotic Footprints) and on Disability Travel on the Google Ripples Hangout – Accompanied with Cherie King (Talking Hands) and Dylan Lowe (Editor-in-chief at the Ripple Movement). The Ripples Hangout Both Cherie’s and my independent projects were entirely focused on one […]

Traveling with MS joins The Ripple Movement

Great news as Traveling with MS joins The Ripple Movement as one of their projecteer that looks into a project called ‘Sclerotic Footprints’. The Ripple Movement The Ripple Movement is an upcoming travel media collaboration, aiming to use the power of travel blogging and storytelling to raise awareness about various social issues. The first edition of […]