Traveling with MS joins The Ripple Movement

Great news as Traveling with MS joins The Ripple Movement as one of their projecteer that looks into a project called ‘Sclerotic Footprints’.

The Ripple Movement


The Ripple Movement is an upcoming travel media collaboration, aiming to use the power of travel blogging and storytelling to raise awareness about various social issues. The first edition of projects this summer will feature about 15 to 20 independent projects, as each of their projecteers travel across the world to investigate a specific topic.

Here’s a sneak preview of the journeys some of The Ripple Movement projecteers will be embarking on in the summer of 2015.


So what is ‘Sclerotic Footprints’ all about ?

Its called ‘Sclerotic Footprints’ as it defines disability – the new ability to travel. My plan is to inspire people with my travels (through pictures, storytelling & digital impressions) and living with a disease like Multiple Sclerosis (MS). As living with this disease for over 15 years, my focus for this project incorporates my challenges, my experiences, the knowledge I receive  with all the social/cultural waves that I encounter – it allows me to inspire others with Sclerotic Footprints.

“Yes, disabled people can surely travel and disability acts as the new ability to travel. Sclerotic Footprints plans to open up new doors for people living with a disability and inspire them about knowing and interacting with this new undiscovered world. “

Project Documentation:

Travel updated will be featured on Traveling with MS including interviews of people living with this disease; Q&A sessions with Multiple Sclerosis charities and interviewing inspiring role models; pictures; tips and reviews of disabled-friendly travel resources. (All works will be showcased on our Instagram profile, Facebook page, Twitter feeds and our Traveling with MS website). 

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  1. Really looking forwards to reading more about this Abhishek. It sounds like a fantastic project. I’ve also been enjoying all your pictures recently so much.

    1. Thanks Rachel 🙂 Yes, I too am looking forward to it and will have to make maximum utilisation with getting as much awareness as possible. Thanks for the likes as liking your updates too 🙂

  2. I look forward to hearing/learning more about this. Please keep us posted!

    1. Thanks Cathy. Yes, a slight change in my project now as rather than calling it Sclerotic Footprints – It has changed to Accessible Footprints but the mission remains the same and all plans are underway. Cannot wait to get started on this one soon. Will keep you posted.